V5 Africa: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


Why this Webinar with Nadia?
Nadia knows about the stress leaders experience when facing deadlines, managing diverse teams and keeping competitive. After working in corporate environments in South Africa and Namibia she started Grounded to make mental wellness more accessible, especially in a post-Covid world.

What you’ll learn from this Webinar:
• Why are we talking about Emotional Intelligence at this V5 Africa Webinar
• What is Emotional Intelligence
• The importance of Emotional Intelligence in (Digital) Marketing  

• Why Empathy is such an important component of Emotional  Intelligence
• When does Emotional Intelligence affect the bottom line
• Small steps you can implement today to support your Team 

Why attend V5 Africa now?
2022 is the year of data. Crafting a data-driven strategy is critical for carving out your competitive advantage. Throughout the V5 Africa Webinar Series, you will learn how to use data for the success of your business. Be a part of enriching talks from distinguished African and Global speakers about digital topics including Social Media, the latest on Chatbots, Email Marketing & CRM, and Data. Come and connect at the Webinar Series that uses data and digital to connect Namibia to Africa, and Africa to the world.

Why we believe you can benefit?
Meet inspiring speakers and experts throughout the V5 Africa Webinar Series. This is the premier event for leaders and owners in medium to corporate-sized companies who are looking to grow digitally. Sounds like you? The series’ focused approach ensures you will learn from experts exactly what you need to know about the latest digital tools and trends.


17 August 2022 at 12h00 noon (GMT+2)

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Tim Pogge LinkedIn

Nadia Padayachi

V5 Africa Keynote Speaker / Founder at Grounded Mindfulness

Nadia Padayachi started yoga in high school as an alternative to netball or hockey. Becoming a yoga teacher happened entirely by chance in 2016, following a sixteen year career in various corporate institutions. My teaching style and practice has been shaped by a few life events, namely growing up in the Cape Flats in the 90s, a turbulent family life, maintaining a lengthy corporate career, a hip operation and finding myself in unsafe spaces. Ultimately, finding solace in my mind and body became a bigger priority as time went on. In learning about myself through unraveling and reflecting, I found there was an aperture to hold a shared space for people and their lived experience - and where words did not suffice, there was ample room for movement, for re-rooting and connecting with the body as a means of healing.

Nadia holds a Bachelor of Technology in Public Relations Management from Cape Peninsular University of Technology.

Additionally, she holds an MBA plus a Post Graduate Diploma in Future Studies from Stellenbosch Business School.

Furthermore, Nadia has done Post-Graduate Electives at the University of Tübingen, Fundação Dom Cabral in Brazil and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

She recently graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health and Health Economics from the University of Cape Town.

Armin Wieland LinkedIn

Armin wieland

V5 Africa Host / Founder at V5 Digital

Armin is an experienced Digital Marketer with a demonstrated history of working across industry verticals. He is passionate about the disruptive opportunities offered by Digital Transformation and the customer centricity possibilities of Marketing Automation. He is exceptionally proud of the growing number of Customer Trailblazers utilising the services and expertise of V5 Digital. He likes to spend his free time farming, teaching his German Shepherd Gulivier new tricks and travelling internationally – especially to Dreamforce. Armin actually loves to kitesurf – although he keeps falling off his board.