V5 Africa: Where are the lightbulbs in a turbulent world - Crafting competitive strategy in a disruptive world


Are you and your team ready for what’s next?  
V5 Africa is excited to offer a unique opportunity to learn from the renowned strategist Abdullah Verachia. In this session, Abdullah will share his expertise in creating competitive strategies to navigate disruption and foster innovation. You'll gain insights on how to empower yourself and your team to identify and seize opportunities, even amidst the current political, economic, technological, and societal turbulence.

Don't let disruption hold you back – EMBRACE IT!
Enjoy a discussion filled with invaluable insights on how to transform challenges into assets and stay ahead in a rapidly changing digital landscape. This episode offers practical tools and strategies to help you cultivate a future-back mindset, forecast effectively, and harness disruption to propel your business forward.

How do digital visionaries stay ahead?
They share insights, leverage collective wisdom, and continually embrace cutting-edge strategies that shape the future of industry and technology. We believe everyone deserves a seat at the marketing table, and the V5 Africa Webinar Series is our dedication to making that a reality.

This series is a platform for local businesses and entrepreneurs to access world-class knowledge, engage with international trends, and contribute to the global dialogue on digital innovation.

Get practical advice, inspirational stories, and groundbreaking ideas designed to transform your business approach. Join us and be part of a community that's not just watching the digital revolution unfold but actively shaping it.

Why we believe you can benefit:
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Come connect with peers, experts, potential partners and clients who share your passion for success at this premier event. Your place at the table is waiting. Don't hesitate to take it.

TIME: 16 July 2024 12:00 noon

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Abdullah Verachia

V5 Africa Keynote Speaker / Global Strategist

Abdullah is a strategy master and a consummate
professional. His team curated a strategy process that brought clarity and direction, and they did it with class. His facilitation is deep, impactful and one of a kind. We have done many strategy sessions and then met The Strategists. This is what strategy should be! 

Head of strategy for a  global mining company Abdullah Verachia's extensive experience and foresight deliver unparalleled value, guiding global entities to not only meet but shape the future of business. His guidance is indispensable for those who aspire to lead in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Abdullah’s work in strategy at a senior level makes him a highly sought-after global speaker. He has presented in over 70 cities globally, including having spoken at the OECD in Paris, The School of Public and International Affairs at Columbia University in New York, Casa Asia in Madrid, serving as the keynote speaker at the World Speech Day, and receiving a standing ovation at the acclaimed TEDx Euston in London.

Armin Wieland LinkedIn

Armin wieland

V5 Africa Host / Founder at V5 Digital

Armin is an experienced Digital Marketer with a demonstrated history of working across industry verticals. He is passionate about the disruptive opportunities offered by Digital Transformation and the customer centricity possibilities of Marketing Automation.

Academically, Armin holds a Bachelor of Technology in Business Informatics from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and an MBA from Stellenbosch Business School. He serves on the board of the Commercial Advancement Training Scheme (CATS) as as chairman of the board for Intrahealth Namibia.

He is exceptionally proud of the growing number of Customer Trailblazers utilising the services and expertise of V5 Digital. He likes to spend his free time farming, teaching his German Shepherd Gulivier new tricks and travelling internationally – especially to Dreamforce in San Francisco. Armin loves to kitesurf in and on the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Armin Wieland LinkedIn

Freda Smit

V5 Africa Host / Customer Success Strategist at V5 Digital

Freda is an exceptional marketing content writer. Her passion lies in creating engaging content that resonates with readers across a diverse range of topics. She loves creating impactful pieces that have a tangible, trackable influence on the world and helping clients realize their unique visions.

Before Freda put on her corporate suit, she obtained her honours in Psychology from Stellenbosch University, wrote about travel and entertainment for magazines and taught English in the Japanese countryside. These days she enjoys the thrill of helping businesses scale their reach and influence through the power of digital marketing at V5 Digital.